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What is QoinPro?

QoinPro is not a newcomer in the crypto world. Indeed, they’ve been around since 2014. And their mission is to help people getting started with cryptocurrencies and to make it accessible to anybody, for free. Also, they’re facilitating the adoption of cryptocurrencies world-wide, by providing incentives to talk about and start using them. Maybe it’s working, I’m here talking about their services and their crypto-currencies!

tarting as a bitcoin faucet, it’s now a multi-currency online wallet with a comprehensive incentive based referral and payment structure. And that’s why I decided to feature it on the site. Because they’re basically airdropping coins on a daily basis!

While you can use their crypto-wallets, what you need to focus on is the airdrops. While it won’t make you reach overnight, you can start building a crypto-portfolio. Without spending anything!Qoinpro has had a bit of a phase down in 2018, with the website shutting down much longer than what was announced and expected from the community. But it seems like it’s back to normal now. Their team cleaned up most of the shitcoins from the platform and you can start earning free bitcoins as soon as you sign up. Let’s hope they won’t do that again anytime soon. Because it really messed up with the trust of the users.

The coins available on QoinPro

When you sign up at QoinPro, you’ll automatically receive free cryptocoins. Every. Day. At the time I write this article, there are seventeen cryptos available. And here’s the list:

  • Bitcoin Cash (ABC)
  • Bitcoin SV
  • BitCoin
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Dash
  • DigitalCoin
  • DogeCoin
  • FeatherCoin
  • LiteCoin
  • Nexus

While they keep adding more coins, as time goes, they can also remove some. But even if they don’t distribute daily coins anymore, you get to keep the ones you have in your wallet.

Also, they’ll let you know about all the forks they’ll implement. And give you the instructions on how to claim your coins.

How to get the free coins?

First of all, you need to visit this page. And click on Sign Up, in the main menu. This action will send you the corresponding anchor on the page. And you’ll be able to fill in a valid email addressand the pincode from the image auto-generated. Click on Sign up for free and wait for a confirmation email with your activation code.

All you need to do know is to enter the activation code on the website. And if you’ve closed the page, here’s the address:

In addition to the free daily coins you now receive, they’ll credit a one-time bonus on your balance. So, it’s your first airdrop from QoinPro, for all the cryptos! And they say it’s their way to say thank you for registering.

But wait, don’t go just yet. Because you can increase the amount of free daily coins you receive! Indeed, there’s a really cool referral program. While I won’t explain the payout structure here, you’ll earn a percentage of your referrals’ daily airdrops. And there are up to 7 levels of referral! So you can really increase your free daily coins this way. But it won’t make you rich overnight… And maybe that’s for the better! Just look at the fate of these instant millionaires

In conclusion, share your referral link with your family, your friends and as many people as possible!

How to increase your earnings on Qoinpro?

After its relaunch early January, Qoinpro offers a new way to increase your earnings. How? Simply join their Telegram group and connect to your profile to save your Telegram username. That’s it!

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