Justin Sun paid nearly $5 million for charity lunch with Warren Buffet

Justin Sun just hit the mainstream news by placing the highest bid to Warren Buffet‘s charity lunch.

We’ve previously reported on several marketing stunts from the Tron CEO. Without a doubt, this is his biggest stunt yet.

Who is Warren Buffet?

Mr. Buffet is an American business magnate, investment Guru and billionaire. His company Berkshire Hathaway is considered to be one of the most successful investment funds in the world.

He often voiced his opinion on Bitcoin, which he called a scam, Ponzi or gambling device.

Buffet’s charity event

For the charity lunch, people could bid anonymously on eBay for one week. The highest bid would go out to lunch with Warren himself.

In comes Justin Sun with the highest bid of $ 4,567,888

The paid Buffet Lunch is organized by Warren Buffet, who does not believe in the underlying technology of crypto coins. This technology, called blockchain, is increasingly being integrated by large companies in finance, logistics, and technology, including for example Facebook.

Sun is famous for his outgoing personality and blockchain enthusiasm. Some see it as a good opportunity to convince Buffet, a lot of others would have preferred it otherwise. The man behind Tron is not exactly the most reliable person in the crypto space.

Final thoughts

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This looks like another move by Justin, to gain mass exposure for himself, Tron and BitTorrent. The P2P filesharing company acquired by Tron early 2019 and has an ongoing monthly airdrop campaign active.

To be the winner of the Warren Buffet Charity Lunch will give Justin a lot of mainstream media attention. Not only because it’s a blockchain entrepreneur who is having lunch with Warren, but also because its a new record for the charity auction.

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